Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks Philosophy Club

A quick thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion on Fotion's "A New Just War Theory" (on the blog and at philosophy club). The book review has been accepted for publication by Philosophical Frontiers: A Journal of Emerging Thought and will be featured in a commemorative book.


Rob said...

Ah, yes, I'm so glad I could help you. And by help you I mean listen to Hanno and Furman discuss just war theory with you while I stared into my coffee. Anyways, congrats to your being published.

Hanno said...

My comment was eaten up.


Why is this so much a contemporary issue? Isnt the challenge to JWT as old as the Dutch revolution (1561) and the American Revolution?

jfinnell said...

It is hard to say why this is such a contemporary issue. I suppose the Iraq War and the ongoing fight against global terrorism have sparked interest in an old theory.

Besides, all you need to remember is that "War is Hell!"