Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying The Friendly Skies

From New Scientist Tech:

A prototype European system uses multiple cameras and "Big Brother" software to try and automatically detect terrorists or other dangers caused by passengers.

The European Union's Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) project uses a camera in every passenger's seat, with six wide-angle cameras to survey the aisles. Software then analyzes the footage to detect developing terrorist activity or "air-rage" incidents, by tracking passengers' facial expressions.

Other behaviors could include a person nervously touching their face, or sweating excessively. One such behavior won't trigger the system to alert the crew, only certain combinations of them.

Unfortunately, they cannot reveal specifically which behaviors were most likely to trigger the system. Much of the computer's ability to detect threats relies on sensitive information gleaned from security analysts in the intelligence community.

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The article talks about a study in which simulated attacks were thwarted using the CCTV. It would be interesting to see what facial expressions are considered "terrorist" facial expressions. Would this system work in America? As Americans, would we allow this level of personal intrusion for the sake of safety?


Anonymous said...

We already allow the govt to make us take off our shoes and put our shampoo in little plastic bags...this doesn't seem too much worse.

Anonymous said...

What more should we do for the govt I dont like beeing wached!!!!!