Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Philosophy Club Meeting

Monday January 26, 2009
2:30 PM
Library Room C

First Administrative Philosophy Club Meeting

Wednesday January 28, 2009
3:00 PM
Library Room C

Please come to both.

- Mikey C and the Phunky Bunch


Lee said...


Steve Gimbel said...

Library? What happened to Starbucks?

See you folks again in April?

Hanno said...

Lobbying by the Librarians. Damn Lobbyists.

Rob said...

Gimbel! I was just wondering what ever happened with the ethics book you were writing. Has it been published already? Did the publishers finally come around to liking the title "Was it Morally Good for You"?

And by the way, since you've already given us your Einstein lecture you should come back with an M.C. Escher lecture...or some stand-up material.

Josh said...

Starbucks has a horrible reference collection.

Steve Gimbel said...


Alas, the ethics book has yet to find a publisher.

As for stand-up, yeah. I'll be doing a couple sets at the university for the last Banners event and hopefully a set of the more adult material somewhere in town. Frosty Factory seems to have a comedy open mic on Wednesdays. What's the place like?

Hanno said...

High class joint.

Rob said...

I've never been, but judging from the name, and considering that it's in Lake Charles, it's gotta be four, five stars.

ce said...

Hanno is obviously using a definition of "high class" with which the rest of the world is woefully unfamiliar. Or he's making some sort of attempt at witticism. It's hard to tell with him.

Their beer selection isn't impressive. It's not necessarily bad. Just not very good.

Matthew Butkus said...

So, you know, "philosophy". And stuff.