Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 Quarks Daily Prize in Philosophy open for nominations

Whether you have been reading or contributing to this blog over the last year, now is the time for you to start nominating your favorite blogsophical posts from the last year. Maybe you enjoyed the multi-part series on Johnny Rotten, the number of posts on copyright and music, or any of the most recent posts on Socialism...this is starting to sound like a PBS fundraising pitch. Anyway, use the search button to locate an archive of philosophical discussions. Once you have found a post you enjoyed, nominate it for the 3 Quarks Daily Prize in Philosophy:

In May of this year we announced that we would start awarding four prizes every year for the best blog writing in the areas of science, philosophy, politics, and arts & literature. We awarded the science prizes, judged by Professor Steven Pinker, on June 21st. We have decided to do the prize in philosophy next, and here's how it will work: we are now accepting nominations for the best blog post in philosophy. After the nominating period is over, there will be a round of voting by our readers which will narrow down the entries to the top twenty semi-finalists. After this period, we will take these top twenty voted-for nominees, and the four main daily editors of 3 Quarks Daily (Abbas Raza, Robin Varghese, Morgan Meis, and Azra Raza) will select six finalists from these, plus they may also add upto three wildcard entries of their choosing. The three winners will be chosen from these by Professor Daniel C. Dennett, who, we are very pleased, has agreed to be the final judge. Professor Dennett will also write a short comment on each of the winning entries.

The first place award, called the "Top Quark," will include a cash prize of one thousand dollars; the second place prize, the "Strange Quark," will include a cash prize of three hundred dollars; and the third place winner will get the honor of winning the "Charm Quark," along with a two hundred dollar prize.

For more information on the prize and how to nominate a post visit 3quarksdaily. The winners of the philosophy prize will be announced on September 22, 2009


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