Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Disclosure

By Hanno

In response to the FCC's decision to force bloggers to disclose all connections between blogger and corporations, I want to inform my readers that the series on Nietzsche has been underwritten by Random House in an effort to get people to buy more books. They gave me lots of money. Lots. L O T S.

The next part will appear tomorrow, as I am snowed under with grading at the moment.

And remember: Buy books. And read them. Don't just buy them, put them on your shelf, and pretend you read them. Yes, we know you do that. Its pathetic, really. Now go read.


Josh said...

You don't even have to buy them.

Libraries are full of acidic paper bound between two pieces of nicely clothed cardboard just waiting for you to check out. Philosophy books are almost always guaranteed to be on the shelf.

Just read them!

Aren't you lucky?

Disclosure: this message brought to you by a humanities librarian at Denison University.

ce said...

You don't have to buy traditional books. You can buy .pdfs or torrent them. I am officially going on record as not recommending torrenting of pdfs or anything else. It's illegal, and you should be ashamed for even considering the possibility. Shame!

But you could. Jus' sayin'.

But having hard copies is better, be they paperback or hardback. They have a nice smell to them, and flipping through the pages is quite different than using a scrollbar.

I'm such an old fart sometimes.

Steve Gimbel said...

"Put them on your self"??? I prefer to balance them on others...

Hanno said...

There, now your comment makes no sense. *thhft*

Anonymous said...

Downloading torrents is evil, and doing so makes you naughty. Reading pdfs that you downloaded from bit torrent sites off of your computer will make you go blind, just like those other naughty activities you engage in...